Expired Listing Shanghai TokenFundation

If you are interested in the blockchain industry and want to create a better future, welcome to join our team.


  • Assist the general manager in daily contact with important customers;
  • Assist the general manager in handling personnel and administrative related work;
  • Assist the general manager of the required data collection and organization;
  • Assist the general manager in translating documents and emails in English;
  • Complete the temporary work arranged by the general manager.


  • Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, especially writing ability, above CET-6;
  • Skilled use of network tools to search for the required information;
  • Good image quality, good overall quality, able to quickly grasp all kinds of knowledge related to the company's business;
  • Meticulous work, thoughtful, strong ability to adapt to, and study hard.

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