Expired Listing Shanghai TokenFundation

If you are interested in blockchain and have experience in the fields of investment, we welcome you to join our team.


  • Responsible for developing customer resources, maintaining high-end private customers, meeting customers' financial needs, formulating asset allocation plans for customers and providing investment advice to customers;
  • Through a variety of channels to develop and maintain customers, to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and high-quality services;
  • Through continuous follow-up and service, we continuously provide comprehensive and professional wealth management consulting and services for our customers;
  • Complete the sales objectives set by the superiors and complete the sales report on time and in accordance with the requirements.


  • Bachelor degree or above in Finance, Economics, Marketing, Insurance and Finance, related to Pan-Financial Expertise;
  • Experience in related industries with more than 2 years of experience, good customer communication skills, interpersonal relations and maintenance of customer relations ability;
  • With a keen market insight and accurate customer analysis capabilities, strong sense of service and time, flexible and skilled negotiation skills;
  • There are extensive social relationship networks and customer network resources, and it is preferred to develop large customer experience;
  • To be honest and trustworthy, to recognize the corporate culture and values ​​of the company, and to have a strong sense of compliance;
  • Those who have a fund qualification certificate are preferred.

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