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If you are interested in blockchain and have experience in the fields of finance, we welcome you to join our team.


  • Approve financial revenues and expenditures, review financial special reports and accounting statements, and countersign major financial revenue and expenditure plans and economic contracts;
  • Prepare budgets and implement budgets, participate in the preparation of fundraising and use plans, and ensure the effective use of funds;
  • review the company's external accounting information;
  • Responsible for reviewing the accounting statements submitted by the company's headquarters and subordinate units and the group company's accounting statements, and preparing comprehensive financial analysis reports and special analysis reports to provide a reliable basis for company leaders' decision-making;
  • Formulate the company's internal finance, accounting system and working procedures, organize the implementation and supervise the implementation after approval;
  • Organize and implement the company's financial income and expenditure plan, credit plan and cost plan.


  • accounting related professional, college education;
  • More than 3 years working experience, general taxpayer enterprise working experience is preferred;
  • careful and meticulous, love and respect, work hard, have good professional ethics;
  • quick thinking, strong ability to accept, independent thinking, good at summing up work experience;
  • skilled use of financial and Office office software, the Kingdee, UF and other financial systems have practical operator priority;
  • has a good communication skills;
  • There is a qualification certificate for accounting practice, while those with a primary qualification certificate for accounting are preferred.

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